Montana Model United Nations (MMUN)

November 6th, 2017

The MMUN was founded in 2009 to combine the educational value of academia and the recreational aspect of an afternoon activity. The participating students get an insight of international politics and learn how to improve their public speaking skills. Every year MMUN attends international MUN conferences in – for example – Berlin, Paris and the UN buildings in Geneva.  

MMUN history

The history of Montana Model United Nations (MMUN) dates back to the 1940s and the Montana International Relations Club (or its German name Klub für internationale Verständigung). Articles from the Alumni magazine Montana Blatt from the 1940s and 1950s show that the Montana International Relations Club intended to improve the tolerance and understanding between students from different cultural backgrounds in the spirit of the newly founded United Nations.

The MMUN still fulfils a similar purpose by letting students put themselves in the situation of representing UN Member States other than their own home countries. This should foster an understanding of why countries may have diametrically different opinions on matters and hence the understanding of the sources of international tension.

  Institut Montana Zugerberg MMUN17


MMUN17 Topic : Developing opportunities for women

Gender differences exist in several forms and while some may relate to biological differences, others relate to cultural perceptions and prejudices. A part of the problem with gender inequality on an international level is that there is not an international consensus of “cultural perceptions” and that many nations accept a certain cultural perception as their “truth”. Hence, many women are locked in to their predefined gender roles and have few opportunities to break free from these. 

The Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum rates nations on a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 represents perfect equality based on economic participation and opportunities, access to education, political empowerment and the gender impact on life expectancy. Within the top-ten one finds six European nations and one nation each from Asia, Oceania, North America and Africa. 

Read more about this topic in the research report!



Welcome address by the President Chair of the General Assembly of MMUN17 

Distingished participants of the MMUN17,

Welcome to the very first MMUN conference! I am excited to introduce myself as this year’s President Chair, and am looking forward to lead the MMUN17 together with my Co-Chairs Hamad and Melkon. 
Perhaps from being separated from issues around the world, we have become detached from common issues that are faced internationally. This brings me to this year’s topics, which I believe are important for all nations. “Developing opportunities for Women” is a highly debated topic yet even though it is contentious issue I hope to see nations working

together to reach well needed solutions. Growing up in Britain and Switzerland,I personally have always had the privilege of my voice being free and uncensored. My hope is that our days in November will help us all come together for, not only a stimulating and engaging conference, but will also allow us to reflect the importance of the issues at hand. 

Going into my final year of high school, and having only encountered the MUN programme well into secondary school, I can only say how incredibly lucky I have been to have experienced and participated in the conferences. The programme on a whole has taught me so many qualities, as well as broadening my horizons no end. I sincerely desire that this year’s conference will demonstrate why we are all so lucky to be participants. 

I, together with all members of the Secretariat, am looking forward to meeting you all in November for the first MMUN conference!

Amy Shaw - student of Institut Montana Zugerberg




Important dates

- 10 December 2017: Form I opens

Completing and submitting Form I involve a commitment to participate in the MMUN18 conference

Form I requires you to commit to the size of your delegation. The number you fill-in will generate an invoice, which must be paid in its entirety by May 1st 2018.

- 1 May 2018: Form I closes and the payment must have reached us
- 10 May 2018: Form II opens

In Form II you will submit the details of the students and chaperones participating. Students can indicate their preferred Member States and whether they want to represent a Member State by themselves or together with a fellow Delegate.


- 20 September 2018: Form II closes

- 2-4 November 2018: MMUN18

Institut Montana Zugerberg MMUN17

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