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Boarding Advantages

  1. Continuous learning and supervision: Boarders learn as they grow, every single day because they are constantly accompanied by trained teachers and staff. Staying on the campus also ensures complete safety.

  2. Excellent extra-curricular activities: Although boarding schools are expensive, they boast high-quality infrastructure, resources and trainers for extra-curricular activities. Your child can grow up an all-rounder.

  3. Built-in social life: Boarders usually enjoy a satisfying social life with dining, studying and sharing dormitories with friends. Since the use of gadgets is limited, there is more scope for social interaction, leading to the development of essential social and life skills.

  4. Independence: It goes without saying that boarders grow up to be independent, managing their daily routine and study time on their own. A good boarding school emphasises self-discipline and autonomy.

  5. Zero commute time: In day schools, a significant portion of the day is wasted in the commute. Plus, there's commuting for extra-curricular activities, play and social interaction. With zero commute time, children can use the extra hours to pursue their interests and hobbies.

Why Switzerland

Strong Academic Curricula: The strong academic curricula challenges students and help them to get places in top international universities around the world. Students in our schools are personally counseled from a young age to understand their abilities and passions and get continuous support in the application process to the best universities in the world.

True Spirit of Internationalism: Students from all over the world represent their nations in these schools creating an atmosphere of love and respect for each other.

Strong Alumni Network: Alumni of Swiss Schools have a strong network that helps them later in their business and professional ventures.

Individualized Support: The small class sizes and boarding community help teachers, house parents and students to bond like a family, catering to their learning and emotional needs.

Serene & Safe Environment: Close knit school community in a scenic, safe and secure environment.

Multi-Lingual Education: Switzerland, is the land of many European languages which enables the students of Swiss schools to explore and learn languages such as  French, German and Italian for example, amidst native speakers.

The excellence of Swiss education is world renowned: Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best business minds -- particularly in the fields of hospitality, banking, pharmaceuticals and chemicals -- making it a premiere place to learn and work. The country is committed to investing in both education and research; for this reason, many multinational corporations are headquartered here. In fact, 15 Fortune 500 companies call Switzerland home.

How we can help you

With over a decade of experience working closely with each of the 11 boarding schools that we represent around the world, has given our team the full knowledge and understanding that will help you and your child find the perfect fit. 

Our Services:

  • Choosing a boarding school or university in Switzerland for yourself or your children, we study closely your profile and your needs and we give you a close introduction to our Swiss Learning Schools.
  • We have a Swiss Learning Office close to you. Our team is dedicated to help parents or students who are looking for a boarding school in Switzerland. 
  • The Swiss Learning team is pleased to offer to parents the possibility to organize a complete school tour in Switzerland, including: School visits , Hotel booking , Limousine service (airport ->school visits -> airport) and the presence of a Swiss Learning representative during your tour.


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