The Real Deal with Being a Teen Away from Home

Whether you think it seems totally glamorous or downright intimidating, boarding school certainly has a bit of mythical appeal. You may assume you have a pretty good sense of the experience— demanding classes, dorm living, no parents —but what's it really like attending one of those storied institutions?

Here some questions and answers to help you out:

What's Boarding?

Students decide to attend boarding school for a number of reasons. For many, it offers opportunities that are simply not available in their hometowns. They can also offer a wider variety of classes and activities outside the standard educational framework.

Boarding schools offer direction and support to pursue your interests, and contrary to the belief that boarders are "sent away," for most it's a choice they've carefully considered alongside their parents because it gives students a head start on college.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the most fantastic countries to study in:

Switzerland offers multilingualism like no other. Students have the opportunity to improve current language skills or learn something completely new. The country has FOUR native languages including French, German, Italian and Romansh. 

Between the cheese, chocolate and famed Swiss delicacy, “Rösti,” life in Switzerland is a true epicurean adventure. 

Switzerland’s geography is postcard perfect. The iconic Swiss Alps, cow-dotted pastures and serene blue lakes offer a breathtaking scenic backdrop for academic life. Many of our schools are tucked into or near the Alps themselves for easy access to a wondrous view. 

If you love to ski and snowboard, there’s no place better than Switzerland. And if you still don’t love to ski and snowboard, there’s no better place to learn. The summer, meanwhile, brings stunning views and clear lake swimming. 

Switzerland balances rural charm with urbane sophistication. From the jaw-dropping architecture of historic castles to major cities with advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology. 

Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best-ranked academic institutions. 

Cultural diversity like nowhere else, Switzerland provides the unique opportunity to sample life across Europe in just one tiny country. Of course, Switzerland’s central location also makes it easy to see these destinations for yourself with minimal travel time and expense. 

Students come from all over the world to study in Switzerland, promoting the development of a rare international perspective. The International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross and the World Economic Forum are just a few of the global organizations located in Switzerland.

All our schools offer complete courses of study in English making you able to learn it in perfection. Switzerland has four national languages but most locals speak great English, and are committed to global culture. 

A School for you

  • Going to a Swiss Boarding School is first and foremost FUN!
  • You’re going to work really hard and play really hard too.
  • You’ll meet students from all around the world and you'll make friendships that will last forever
  • The variety of co-curricular activities will open a world of new opportunities for your future.
  • You will get to take part in cool traditions and also start new ones.
  • You’ll be ahead of the game for university! 
  • You will travel around Europe and you will discover new cultures.
  • You’ll become part of a proud and prestigious community… for life.


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