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Join the Beau Soleil Summer Camp Adventure!


During the month of July each year, the Beau Soleil campus becomes the starting point for a world of adventures! Mixing engaging language lessons, a wide range of exciting activities and an amazing Alpine location, the Beau Soleil Summer Camp offers the perfect summer experience. Forge friendships with campers aged 7 – 17 from all over the world and build memories that will last forever.

“Since I came here, I have met so many new people and I will remember these experiences for the rest of my life!” – Daria, 13 years old

“What makes this camp so special is the consistency of how fun it is!” – Chris, 16 years old

Join us in July 2020 and experience a summer of fun at Beau Soleil!

Find out more about summer camps in Switzerland at https://www.swiss-camps.com/holiday-camps


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