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Aiglon College Arrival Day


Aiglon College is pleased to have welcomed 123 new students and their families into the Aiglon community — one of the highest numbers in Aiglon’s history.

We are especially pleased to welcome such a diverse range of nationalities now with 64 nationalities represented as part of our student community.

The weekend features a full programme for families and students alike. Upon arrival the new students are met by the Admissions team and Aiglon’s newest team of prefects (the year’s student leaders) to help them settle all the necessary details of arrival. They then visit the uniform fair to make sure they have everything needed before heading up to move into their houses and meet their houseparents.

Parents have a chance to learn all about the school’s diverse range of programmes from a number of the staff. Once the students settle into house and meet the house teams (house parents, assistant house parents and tutors) as part of each house’s welcome, the parents then enjoy a welcome drink while the students meet their new peers.

It’s oftentimes a challenging weekend, with many introductions as well as farewells, and a lot of changes for our new families, but we are always excited as a school to see how these 123 new students will join in our community and bring us as a school so much more talent, energy and life.

We wish everyone the very best as term begins!

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