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Aiglon College – Class of 2019


Congratulations to Aiglon’s graduating Class of 2019! A beautiful, sunny weekend provided the best possible way to send off Aiglon’s newest graduates.

On Saturday, 01 June Aiglon was proud to welcome almost 70 new graduates to its rank of alumni. Parents and families joined from all over the world to spend the weekend with the graduates in a variety of favourite events such as the Summer Ball, Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Lunch.

Journey to Graduation Video
This year we produced a special tribute video for the Class of 2019 to celeberate their final week at school and offer what we hope will be a valuable keepsake of their last days at Aiglon. Capturing the events and emotions of this week that exemplify the spirit of Aiglon, we also hope that graduates from many Aiglon generations will see something of themselves in this video.

University Destinations
The Class of 2019 leave the mountain that has been their home to depart to all corners of the globe to pursue a diversity of subjects. Some university destinations (or pending conditional offers) include: Stanford University, Babson College, Northeastern University, University of Notre Dame, Middlebury College, Durham University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, University College London, King’s College London, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and New York University, Abu Dhabi.

Graduation Awards
Each year Aiglon presents a series of awards to the members of its graduating class, many of which are the highest honours one can achieve during their time at the school. This year, prize winners include:

Victor & Victrix Ludorum
The students who, during their Aiglon careers, have shown outstanding involvement and attitude in school and inter-house sports.
Winners: Jakye Doyle, Louise Krueger

Carpe Diem Quaich
Donated to the school by Russell Lewis who believed in always living life to its fullest. “He took every opportunity that was presented to him such that although he died relatively young he had achieved a great deal in many fields in his years. He asked that this cup be presented to the student who was deemed to also have taken every opportunity that Aiglon offers in as many fields as possible and lived the full Aiglon Experience”
Winner: Rithy Thorn

Academic Excellence Prize
Awarded for both excellent academic achievement and effort.
Winners: Christina Danita, Louise Krueger

Bibi Parsons Prize for Service
The Bibi Parsons prize for service to the community, whether to the school, the local or even the international community.
Winner: Léopold Féau

Round Square King Constantine Medal
The King Constantine Medal is a Round Square award which recognises an individual or group of individuals from within the school community who have done outstanding service work and have thereby supported and promoted the ideals of the Round Square. The reverse of the medal carries the words “For self-effacement in the common cause”.
Winner: Kritee Mahato

Environmental Prize
The Environmental Prize is awarded to the student who has shown in their actions that they understand the tenet that to deal with a global environment issue one must first deal with the issue at a local level.
Winner: Francesca Jobson

Merit Cup
The Merit Cup is awarded to the student, or students, who show outstanding merit in both leadership and service, at school level.
Winner: Louise Krueger

The Virtus Awards
“In recognition of an outstanding contribution to the life of the school through active participation in its varied programmes and in upholding the ideals of its founder, John Corlette, through personal example and service to the community”. The key word in this citation is “outstanding”.

Louise Krueger
Santiago Coppoletta
Somphors Tann
Patrick Wachira
Cristina Danita

The John Corlette Prize
Chosen from within the Virtus Award winners. The citation reads: “The boy or girl who best exemplifies the ideal which John Corlette as Founder wished to see graduate from his school.”
Winner: Somphors Tann

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