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Célébrations suisses en Colombie – Swiss Celebrations in Colombia


Swiss Learning a organisé ce mois d’octobre un petit déjeuner à Bogota en Colombie afin de présenter aux familles colombiennes l’excellence de l’éducation suisse.

En parallèle Swiss Learning a participé à la célébration du 70e anniversaire du Colegio Helvetia à Bogota en compagnie de M. Christophe Darbellay, Conseiller d’Etat du Canton de Valais en charge de l’Education et M. Jean-Philippe Lonfat Chef du Service de l’Enseignement du Canton du Valais.

Swiss Learning organized a breakfast in Bogotá, Friday October 18th to present to potential families the Excellence of Education in Switzerland. For over two hours, the attendees of the event were very excited talking to the most prestigious schools in Switzerland, which presented their summer and winter camps and the different boarding possibilities for their children.

At the same time, Swiss Learning participated in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Colegio Helvetia in Bogotá, Saturday October 19th in the presence of Mr. Christophe Darbellay, Counsellor of the State of Valais and Mr. Jean-Philippe Lonfat Head of the Education Department in the Valais, Switzerland.
This successful event received more than 1200 guests among parents, students and alumni of the school who visited the new and modern school buildings designed by the architect Giancarlo Mazzanti.
It was a great experience to share with such important people and see that the interest in Swiss education in growing every day in Colombia.

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