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Glion student testimonial – Susana Oliveri

 Glion student testimonial – Susana Oliveri

7 December 2017 in From Glion, Student Life
Susana Oliveri’s family have no hospitality history, so it may seem surprising it is the industry Susana wants to work in. However, she was determined to experience it and after falling in love with Glion, she is now Student Government Association (SGA) President.

“If you really want to be successful in hospitality, Glion is the place to be,” Susana said. “It has given me the opportunity to experience soft skills and real-life experiences. I have been taught teamwork, time management and understanding different cultures.” That multicultural atmosphere is something Susana feels is key to studying at Glion. “I have met people from all around the world – ‘contacts’ is one word, but lifelong friendships also apply.”

Despite being able to “clearly see the Glion spirit”, Susana knew improvements could still be made. “I became SGA President because I believe in making the changes that students inspire, rather than faculty,” she said. “I think it’s interesting to see what new things students can bring to the table, and it’s important to keep introducing new clubs that can gain more student interest.”

As SGA President, Susana has added a whole new committee, The Arts Club. This is perfect for students with an interest in painting and photography, the Glion band and culinary arts. Additionally, there is the Glion Charity Committee, which provides aid to chosen charity partners. There is also the Networking Committee, which puts tomorrow’s industry leaders face to face with the leaders of today. The Graduation Committee organizes an event at the end of the semester in accordance with graduating classes, while the Entrepreneurship Club gives students the chance to build their skills and devise inventive new projects.

Susana believes her role will help her succeed in her future goals. “My leadership skills have risen spectacularly,” she said. “There are so many responsibilities other than my team, including staying in contact with students and faculty. I have learnt how to balance and manage time. I’ve grown and I’ve learned.”

Internships are an integral part of Glion study, with Susana profiting from such opportunities. She worked in the Front Office department for her first internship, at the Penha Longa Ritz Carlton in Portugal, which she chose as she wanted to learn the language. “It was challenging yet interesting,” she said. “I saw the language barrier as a spring to jump higher.” For her second internship, she went a little further, working in marketing, PR and events for W Santiago in Chile.

For the future, Susana aims to be a General Manager. “I can’t wait to go out into the industry,” she said. “They teach us the skills we need to work in such a position. We also receive recognition from having studied at Glion. However, we should not take advantage – this is not a case of create your fame and go to sleep. We have the skills to take us where we belong.”

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