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Institut auf dem Rosenberg – Changing the paradigm of education


«I’m more interested in the future than in the past, because the future is where I intend to live.»

Albert Einstein

The most valuable gift we can give to our children is a great education, allowing them to reach their full potential. Education should inspire, broaden horizons and create an understanding of how and why our world is so deeply interconnected.

For years, Swiss boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg (link: http://instrosenberg.ch/index.html) has pioneered ways to educate children and young adults according to their individual abilities, talents as well as goals for the future.

With an average class size of 8 students, a teacher/student ratio of 1:3, and student body from over 40 different nationalities, Rosenberg is in a unique position to deliver on this vision, enabling students to produce outstanding academic results in a truly international environment.

This Swiss boarding school is also a leader in providing students with meaningful learning opportunities outside the classroom, broadening horizons through an unmatched co-curricular and sports offering.

Rosenberg Talent & Enrichment Department (link: http://instrosenberg.ch/co-curricular.html) opens doors to an exclusive learning environment, designed to inspire and nurture curiosity, creativity, ambition and self-awareness of body and mind.

Rosenberg enables its students to have access to technology through hands-on experience in coding and robotics while nurturing inherent human qualities such as imagination, ethics and values as well as interpersonal skills. A vast sport offering balances this unique educational experience, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle at this boarding school in Switzerland.

At the core of this unique programme stands the belief that our children should develop appreciation and respect for human culture, its achievements and its vast future potential, all the while honouring their own origins, preparing them for leadership in an exciting new world.

Switzerland stands for quality and innovation. Together, we are changing the paradigm of education for a new type of leader, embracing the future with a sense of value, purpose and optimism.

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