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Rosenberg – Science & Chemistry Lab Co-Curricular.


The Rosenberg philosophy is based on the principle that every student has different talents, learning styles and goals for the future. At Institut auf dem Rosenberg we work closely with our families to create an individual development plan for each student in our care. We also believe that excellent academic achievement should be balanced with experiences outside the classroom, ensuring each student has the opportunity to transfer knowledge to real-world environments, develop teamwork and leadership skills as well as a strong network for the future. With over 50 Sports and Co-Curricular Courses, students from over 40 different nationalities, an average class size of 8 students per class and a staff to student ratio of 1:2, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is in a unique position to deliver on these values.


As you would expect from one of the top boarding schools, the richness of academic learning provided within the classroom only partly illustrates the opportunities Institut auf dem Rosenberg has to offer. Believing in the importance of providing a broad and balanced education, the school offers a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities, with something to suit everyone.

The Institut’s co-curricular departments provide wonderfully active and busy afternoons, weekends and evenings for all pupils. Carefully selected to suit each age group, the mix of activities is designed to instil a sense of adventure, encourage the students’ natural curiosity and inspire a thirst for knowledge.

Whether students choose to pursue outdoor or indoor sports, arts, fashion design, music or drama, or join one of the ever changing choices of clubs and extra-curricular activities: With such a full range of different programmes and opportunities there is simply no time to be bored.

The variety of experiences, activities and events give the boarding students a chance to challenge and enjoy themselves at one of the top boarding schools, in their learning about the world around them and their place within it.

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