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The Arts Committee at Glion Institute


Student life at Glion is full of activities, adventures and opportunities to enjoy your favourite hobby – or discover a new one – through one of the many committees. This semester, there are 11 to choose from across the Swiss and London campuses, all created and run by students. One of the newest, and most popular, is the Arts Committee Glion (ACG).

The ACG provides a platform to celebrate the creative talent of students across all campuses of Glion Institute of Higher Educadtion, through the Arts and Photos Studios. In addition, it supports other committees and faculty in delivering innovative and engaging events through audio-visual and creative expertise. Student and ACG member, Adam Rzane, takes us inside the committee, revealing its origins and involvement across the calendar of Glion events.

Created two semesters ago, The Glion Arts Committee is an iconic and an important part of campus life. Its creation originates from the Arts Club, led and initiated by the talented Guitarists Sergii Slepkan and Nikita Kryuchin, the Arts Committee is now an active party that participates in basically all the important events such as Glion’s Got Talent, Networking Gala, Charity Gala, etc.

Beside its dominant musical side, this committee is permanently expanding its activities to other arts. We saw it during this semester where the dedicated PR & Marketing Officer Zein Khodr introduced ‘’The Photo Room’’ in Tissot 2 and the talented Visual Arts Manager Marina Maydanyuk opened the Drawing Room in the same building. Each room has the necessary equipment to give the chance to Glion’s artists to express themselves.

For the second time, the Arts Committee organized ‘’The Comedy Night 2.0’’, that is the only occasion where the students can roast the teachers and vice versa. Many videos where the students are in some funny situations have been edited in order to make them remember the old memories of their previous semesters.

During this event, the microphone is given to some talented students in order to show to their colleagues their ‘’stand-up’’ skills. Rishab and Jasper had the honor to present the event.

Learn more on : https://www.glion.edu/blog/about-arts-committee/ and https://www.facebook.com/Arts.Committee.Glion/

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