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Women’s Talk at Le Rosey


As part of the 50th anniversary of the women’s section at Le Rosey, the afternoon of June 8 was devoted to Women in Leadership and their Empowerment. For the occasion, classes had been cancelled and all students went at Rosey’s Concert Hall to attend a kind of “mini-TEDx”. In her introductory speech, Anne Gudin presented various forms of female leadership and then five former Roséennes followed one another on the microphone and presented the challenges they had met and overcome to achieve success in a world still dominated by men. While Jackie M. and Elena Z. are representatives of still recent promotions, Tae A., who leads an eminent Japanese fashion house, graduated in 1983.

It was her first return to Le Rosey in the last 35 years and she found one of her former sport teacher and fellow members of her relay team, a great example of continuity in our community. After Tea A., Justine K. V. who was part of the very first year group of Le Rosey’s section feminine when she arrived in 1967 made a presentation. This former candidate for the presidency of Congo keeps alerting Europeans to what is happening in her home country. Her speech made a strong impression, combining very precise memories of her years at Le Rosey and various episodes of her life, showing how much the values learned and lived at Le Rosey had inspired her over these past 50 years.

After these presentations followed a discussion moderated by Annika P., also a former Roséenne and a successful TV journalist in the US, with the participation of 4 current Roséennes (and one Roséen). Le Rosey congratulates and makes a huge thanks to the AIAR and in particular to Monica C. for organizing this magnificent event!


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