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International Day 2018 

We’ve recently celebrated our international school community. Over 35 nationalities are living at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. On the International Day each nationality presented culinary delights from its home country.

Recital Evening 2018 
From Goethe to poems written by our Matura and international students. As every year the traditional Recital Evening proves once again that an evening of poetry is by no means a stuffy affair! Performances in Romansh, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, French, German, English and Italian represented our international school community. What a lovely evening full of great poems, music and emotions! 

Windy City Queen by Anabel, grade 10 
I deeply, thoroughly envy 

Liquorice gumdrop eyes looking at me 

Razor sharp eyeliner on those eyes 

Cheekbones as high as butterflies 

I’m thoroughly jealous, so I become mean 

Even though she’s on the edge 

The Windy City Queen 

And she said 

Why would you want to be like me 

See all the things I’d wish unseen 

God died a long time ago in my mind 

I’ve got nothing to lose so I stay kind 

And I 

Set on fire all her advice 

So I tried to fake it, fake being nice 

Only, something went wrong, you see 

Trying to be nice brings out the wrath in me 

And I 

Admire how she smiles through all 

How I never see her fall 

As she’s trying to make small talk with me 

Trying to see past all the jealousy 

But all of this is just a play 

Fake smiles to fake friends as if on a stage 

All of her real friends just panic and… 

“Are you okay?” 

But I don’t know what else to see 

Other than a Windy City Queen and my envy