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The principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things not simply repeating what other generations have done.


With over a decade of experience working closely with each of the 13 schools that we represent around the world, our team has the full knowledge and understanding that will help you and your child find the perfect fit.

In addition to this service and further to numerous requests from parents all around the world, the Swiss Learning team is pleased to offer to parents the possibility to organize a complete school tour in Switzerland, including:

  • School visits
  • Hotel booking
  • Limousine service

The essence of Rosenberg

The essence of Rosenberg — Careful academic planning and guidance, teaching respect for tradition while embracing innovation. This is how we guide our pupils towards their individual goals, providing them with an exclusive international network and valuable learning experiences beyond the classroom.

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The essence of Collège Champittet

The essence of Collège Champittet — Collège Champittet is a Swiss school open to the world welcoming students in a family-sized boarding house offering them the opportunity to rapidly become fluent at speaking French through our special FLE programme. Students can choose between the IB, Swiss Maturité and the French Bac.

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The American School in Switzerland

The essence of TASIS – The American School in Switzerland: Founded by M. Crist Fleming in 1956, TASIS is a day and boarding school committed to creating global citizens through education, travel, and service. Perched on a hillside in sunny southern Switzerland with commanding views of snow-capped mountains, palm trees, and Lake Lugano, TASIS inspires motivated and intellectually curious students from more than 60 nations each year.

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Le Rosey

The Essence of Le Rosey – Switzerland’s uniquely international boarding school, balancing the rigorous academics required for admission to leading universities with sporting and artistic excellence. A school for life, where students develop all their talents and where alumni forge lifelong friendships and connections.

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Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

The essence of Lyceum Alpinum – A clear academic focus in breathtaking surroundings near the famous mountain resort of St. Moritz. Students enjoy a holistic education promoting high academic achievement, talent and a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle through arts, sports and extra-curricular activities. Join a committed, responsible and welcoming community.

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Leysin American School

The essence of Leysin American School – First and foremost, LAS is a school with «family» values. Located in the beautiful Swiss Alps, LAS brings together students from around the world to create a campus community with a global perspective and a family atmosphere. Students can choose between the International Baccalaureate or the U.S. High School Diploma.

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Collège du Léman

The essence of Collège du Léman — Close to Geneva, Collège du Léman is an international boarding school preparing our students for top-tier global universities. Our students are well prepared for success in an increasingly global society as their day-to-day life and learning is within an international community.

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Aiglon College

The essence of Aiglon – Spirited, independent and a not-for-profit organisation, Aiglon’s aim toward the balanced development of mind, body and spirit works to create a principle-driven environment. Here students and teachers alike are encouraged toward academic excellence, the pursuit of physical challenge and learning born from a deeply international culture.

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Institut Montana

The essence of Institut Montana – A Swiss-international and familial boarding school less than 1 hour from Zurich. Academic programmes at the highest standards at a place to grow in the middle of nature. Empowering our students to be active, and to show leadership and responsibility.

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Beau Soleil

The essence of Beau Soleil — The family school, where effort, fun, responsibility and respect puts wind in our sails and hope in our hearts. The result? We go confidently out into the world with a sense of purpose and an amazing network of lifelong friends.

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Brillantmont International School

The essence of Brillantmont is its sense of family and the feeling of being at home, in a caring, supportive environment. The size of the school means that every student’s individual talents and strengths can be nurtured and offers exceptional opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

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With over a decade of experience working closely with each of the 11 schools that we represent around the world, our team has the full knowledge and understanding that will help you and your child find the perfect fit.

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