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Swiss Learning was founded in 2006 by a group of prestigious Swiss boarding schools and hotel management schools who have a long tradition of educational excellence and experience in providing boarding facilities. The Swiss Learning Headquarters is located in Geneva and we also have offices around the world, enabling us to build and maintain relationships between Switzerland and other countries. 

Our mission

Our mission is to present secondary, university and professional establishments which can guarantee the excellence of Swiss Education. We also work on maintaining the link between the alumni students and Switzerland.

From the beginning, we received the support of the Swiss authorities. The Swiss Minister for Education at that time, Mr. Pascal Couchepin, said: “We support the Swiss Learning initiative, as it will bring together the best Swiss ‘actors’ on the international scene. In addition to Swiss boarding schools, this project also brings visibility to our hotel management  and private schools, allowing them to stand out from the competition. Each school must meet very strict criteria to be part of this organization.”

Our SErvices

  • With over a decade of experience working closely with each of the 14 boarding schools and 2 hotel management schools which we represent around the world, our team has the full knowledge and understanding to help you and your child find the right school.
  • We study your profile and needs very closely in order to match you with the most suitable school.
  • We have a Swiss Learning Office near you. Our team is dedicated to helping parents and students who are looking for a school in Switzerland.

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Our country prides itself in being able to offer a first class education through its pre-university and post-university studies and in being the leader in scientific research.


photo Christophe Clivaz

Christophe Xavier Clivaz

Founder & Director

Swiss Learning, Geneva 


P de Korodi balcon veston de près

 Head of School

Collège Champittet, Pully

Bernhard O. A. Gademann

Christophe Gudin

Director General

Institut Le Rosey, Rolle


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