Hotel Schools in Switzerland

The principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things not simply repeating what other generations have done.


Switzerland’s reputation as the birthplace of hospitality was established over a hundred years ago.

Swiss Learning represents two of the country’s most renowned Hotel Management Schools:

– Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

– Glion Institute of Higher Education

Our Hotel Management Schools’ campuses are uniquely compact and caring environments, which offer hands-on learning and small class sizes.

These schools offer short programs, Bachelors, Masters and Executive Education for students aged 18 and above.

Swiss hotel Schools map

Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) is a private institution offering accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the fields of hospitality management, event management and luxury brand management. Glion stands out for its diverse multicultural student body, world-class campuses in Switzerland and London, and personalized approach to student nurturing. Students in Glion benefit from academic expertize and industry relationships cultivated since 1962, and they are able to join more than 13,600 alumni leading the hospitality industry.

Founded in 1954, Les Roches is a private institution based on the Swiss model of experiential learning, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of hospitality, tourism and event management. Les Roches prepares entrepreneurial and innovative graduates across a global network of campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China.
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