A New Year

Head of School, Nicola Sparrow, offers words of welcome at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Aiglon has always been, and even in these oddest of times continues to be, much more than a school. It is an exciting, inspiring, happy, vibrant and diverse community. We are a supportive community that lives, works and plays together. Aiglon is a way of life!

We open our 2020-2021 with a record total enrolment and a record number of new students. In these challenging times, we are humbled and grateful for the confidence that our families have put into Aiglon.

It has not been easy for many families to see their children board a flight and travel independently to a boarding school in another country. We have spent many hours discussing and planning for the term ahead and our priorities remain focused on safety, health and ensuring that Aiglon’s programme, while adapted, continues to provide a wealth of opportunity for all students.

Education and school is about so much more than hand sanitiser and separation. We must find new ways to ensure Aiglon remains an inspiring place to learn and live, because that is what our students deserve. Crucially, many aspects of being part of the Aiglon community have not changed. Boarding houses will still ensure students have a sense of belonging, of community, and of a genuine home away from home. They will continue to be places that are fun and caring, that offer companionship, and friendship and guidance.

Lessons will still be challenging, enjoyable and hopefully fun with teachers continuing to ensure students are developing a love of learning. With the astounding IB results achieved by the Class of 2020, including an IB average of 37.8 and with 35% of the students achieving 40 points or above, we have much to live up to in the academic sphere.

Expeditions will still go out to astounding alpine environments at weekends and will give opportunities for forging life long friendships, as well as opportunities for teamwork and leadership skills and a development of character traits such as independence and resilience. Sports will still be played and enjoyed, and I have no doubt that a healthy level of competition between houses will still be evident in inter-house competitions. The determination and commitment of students in pursuit of sporting excellence will still be encouraged and supported.

Music will still be performed, private instrumental lessons will resume, rock bands will no doubt be reformed. Opportunities for student growth and personal development through Round Square, MUN or any of the other vast array of opportunities afforded to students via the activities and CAS programme —this is all still very much a part of Aiglon.

We are more than the sum of our parts. We have a diverse, talented student body and a dedicated, experienced staff team who are committed to work tirelessly with one goal in mind – provide exceptional educational experiences and care for all our students.

It is a given that things will be different. There is no doubt that we will face challenges ahead. However, at Aiglon we do challenge, and I am certain that we have never started a new school year with such excitement and joy to be back together. Children get just one chance to have a brilliant education (you only grow up once!) and we are determined to make it as vibrant, holistic and engaging as we possibly can despite the circumstances.

Thank you for putting your trust in Aiglon.


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