Welcome from our Aiglon Guardians

2020-2021 Guardians Lulu (Clairmont) and Kaan (Alpina) are excited to share their vision for the year ahead.

Dear Aiglon community,

Nothing feels better than seeing everyone’s smiling faces on campus again, especially new ones. Being back has created such a positive atmosphere, one that as guardians we’d like to maintain throughout the year. When given the opportunity to apply for this position, Kaan and I knew that we wanted to be the students that others in the community can look up to for a guiding hand. We want to lead with passion and discipline for all students to seek opportunities and find their own greatness during their fleeting years in Aiglon. Whether its planning events with the Round Square team or working alongside our teachers on the student council, we’re beyond excited to set an example this year for upbeat attitudes and a constant search for adventure. We hope that these next few months will continue to be welcoming and friendly ones, and soon enough all our families and friends will be able to join us on our beautiful alpine campus.

With lots of love,

Lulu Aguiar and Kaan Taskent

Aiglon’s two ‘Guardians’ are students selected each year from the school prefect group. Normally a boy and a girl, they embody Aiglon’s ethos and lead the student body for the academic year.

The idea to name these positions “Guardians” was established by the school’s founder John Corlette, who adopted it from his experience at Gordonstoun School in Scotland, where he worked with the acclaimed educational innovator Kurt Hahn. Hahn in turn had been inspired to choose this title and role by his reading of Plato’s Republic.



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