Project 21: road to Engadin Ski Marathon

Project 21: road to Engadin Ski Marathon This winter, Lyceum Alpinum’s Kleinhaus students and pastoral team are preparing to take part in the annual Engadin Ski Marathon. Project 21 is about student engagement, building relationships , experiencing the cameraderie of a team environment and improving physical fitness. Training will take place every Wednesday afternoon between October and March, the aim is for all students and staff to finish at least the half-marathon over a distance of 21 km. The Engadin Ski Marathon takes place on Sunday 12 March 2023. It is the largest cross-country ski event in Switzerland with between 12’000 and 14’000 participants every year. We are lucky enough […]

A warm welcome to Institut Montana!

Saturday, 25 March 2023 A warm welcome to Institut Montana! Institut Montana opens its doors on Saturday 25 March 2023.Our Director, school principals, counsellors, faculty members and students are looking forward to welcoming you and letting you know everything about life at Institut Montana.  Our admissions team will offer you the opportunity to explore our campus and is ready to assist you with your education pathway, programme queries, scholarships and more. Please complete the pre-registration form below. We will get in touch with you and take care of the rest. By registering and attending the event, you will enter our lucky raffle for a chance to win a spot at […]

Best Student Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards

Unraptured, a film by Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz IB student, Xiaoyang Yi, won Best Student Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards in October 2022. The film was shot over three days in the summer of 2022, in Beijing. We asked Yang about his film and his own remarkable journey from competition level skier, to award-winning young film-maker. Congratulations first of all. How did it feel to find out you had won? I absolutely did not expect to win. I remember searching for my film in the list of the top fifty, which was in alphabetical order and my heart was really pumping by the time I reached the letter ‘u’. […]

Clairmont Gift Box Initiative

Clairmont´s Charity Club is a weekly activity where the girls plan different fundraising activities. Their most recent initiative aimed to deliver joy to fellow children this Christmas. In collaboration with the Swiss initiative “Action Paquets de Noel” which delivers gift boxes to to Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania and (where possible) Ukraine, the girls spent a number of weeks fundraising for and promoting the weekend event. Their goal was to deliver 100+ gift boxes full of essentials and gifts. In total they raised an astounding CHF4’482 which allowed the group to shop for stationary, toiletries, chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other items to be packed and shipped in the gift […]


WHAT GEN Z HAD TO SAY ABOUT THE SKILLS NEEDED FOR SUCCESS LIFE SKILLS FOR SUCCESS An education at one of our schools is about far more than simply academic results. We believe that a great education helps students succeed at whatever they choose to do or be in life. We know there are key skills — resilience, confidence, creativity, and wellbeing — that can give young people the best chance of navigating whatever life throws at them. That’s why our teachers help our students develop these important skills, so alongside great academics they’ll achieve more than they ever imagined possible.  We commissioned independent research to find out from 18 […]


The project week from October 18-21 of the first two classes of the Swiss high school of Institut Montana was all about energy – a topic that probably couldn’t be more prevailing. What is energy? What are the sources of energy? How is energy produced, stored, and distributed? What are energy efficient and inefficient devices? Where will we get energy in the future? How can we save energy and other resources? By means of workshops and guided tours organized by Linie-e: Energie Zukunft Schweiz, the students immersed themselves in the world of energy and resources and explored a variety of questions. The exciting experiments that they were able to carry out during […]


By Brillantmont International School Swiss private education has a reputation which stretches far beyond its national boundaries. Generations of young people have enjoyed not only a challenging, personalised education which has opened doors across the world but have taken advantage of the range of activities offered within the natural playground of Switzerland. Switzerland is a safe country at the crossroads of Europe, sharing national borders with France, Italy, Austria and Germany. With four national language areas there are huge cultural differences, yet these differences make for successful cohabitation, earning the Swiss a reputation for tolerance, respect, understanding and safety. Moreover, multilingualism is a key part of the international school experience […]


外交、国際関係、意思決定について学ぶ 17 人のカレッジ シャンピテットの学生が、先週、Institut Le Rosey で開催された MUN (模擬国連) 会議に参加しました。 MUN は、学生がさまざまな国の代表者の役割を果たし、割り当てられた国の政策と視点で現実世界の問題を解決しようとする、国連の学術シミュレーションです。私たちの地域のさまざまな学校の 100 人以上の学生が、次のようなトピックについて討論しました。 […]の権利

タシケントのスイスの日 2022

スイス ラーニングは、今年 11 月にウズベキスタンで開催される SWISS DAYS タシケントに参加します。 3 日間、スイスの FMCG メーカーは、ウズベキスタン最大のショッピング モールの 1 つで商品を展示します。 SWISS DAYS は、高品質の消費財のプレミアム プロバイダーとしてのスイスのイメージを促進することを目的としています。スイス企業がウズベキスタン市場での認知度をテストしたり、認知度を高めたりする絶好の機会を提供します。食品、化粧品、時計などのスイスの消費財は、ウズベキスタンで高い評価を得ています。タシケントの SWISS DAYS は、中小企業がウズベキスタン市場に参入し、自社製品を販売するのに役立ちます。 SWISS DAYS は […]


親として、私たちは皆、子供たちにとって何が最善かを望んでいます。私たちは、彼らが幸せになり、安心し、能力、自信、知識、視点、スキルを伸ばしてほしいと願っています。私たちは彼らに可能な限り最高の教育を提供し、世界を征服する準備ができていると感じさせ、自分の選択した道を歩み、生涯の友情でいっぱいのアドレス帳を持てるようにしたいと考えています.しかし、正直なところ、私たちと子供たちの期待の間を行き来するのは決して簡単なことではありません。それにもかかわらず、意思決定プロセスにそれらを統合する必要があります。それの訳は […]