My life as a Housemistress at Beau Soleil

Without doubt, life is all about experiences. Our past experiences shape the person we are today. Our new experiences can shape the person we become. A new experience is something that we haven’t tried before, something which opens our senses and mind to new adventures and ways of thinking. Moving your family half way around […]

After school activities: an integral part of the Beau Soleil education

At Beau Soleil we are very proud of our afternoon activities programme because it delivers one of our goals as a school which is giving every student a truly holistic education. Activities outside of the traditional classroom setting, are often referred to as “extra-curricular”. At Beau Soleil there is nothing “extra” about our afternoon activities programme. Our […]

11 advantages of attending a boarding school

by Institut Montana Zugerberg The decision to attend a boarding school can be life-changing. Even parents convinced of the advantages sometimes harbour doubts whether this step is right for their kids. Stereotypes about boarding schools often support their concerns. So, let’s cut through the stereotypes. How does it look in real life? What are the […]

Why a Swiss boarding school education is like no other

by Sarah Frei, Head of Admissions & External Relations at Brillantmont International School Switzerland is well-known for many things – mountains, skiing, amazing scenery, watches and of course chocolate! Yet, there is one domain, known to an exclusive elite – boarding schools. Founded decades ago, they are considered among the best in the world and […]

A network for life

My life in a boarding school in Switzerland, discovering a world of respect and accepting of differences A network for life By Christophe-Xavier Clivaz   I had the good fortune of spending several years in a boarding school in Switzerland where I was surrounded by people of over 120 nationalities. I would like to share with […]

360° Virtual Campus Tour

We are pleased to present a brand new way to experience Aiglon’s unique alpine campus, a 360º Virtual Tour. Now, no matter where in the world you are, you can experience our campus. Our school is its very own village within a village. Comprised of over 30 buildings and chalets, each is different in design […]

Perfect Harmony

At Aiglon, students from around the globe learn to live side by side. But what’s it really like when your best friend has ideas that are literally from the other side of the planet? Alice Cervini and Victoria Li come from opposite ends of the Earth (Milan and Hong Kong). They speak different languages and […]

A robotic garden at Beau Soleil

Seeking to influence the next generation of food production, FarmBot, the world’s first open-source, small-scale farming machine, has integrated Beau Soleil campus a few months ago. It gives our Junior students the opportunity to create and manage a garden using an electronic device. How exciting! FarmBot provides an engaging and hands-on project for our Juniors to […]