New Belvedere (Pt. 2)

In our last piece, we discussed how the New Belvedere project aligns with Aiglon’s vision and strategic planning. Now, we hear from Head of School, Mrs Nicola Sparrow, about what this new boarding provision means in terms of the boarding school experience. Read our first piece on the new Belvedere project. Student life at Aiglon […]

The House Shout 2022

The recording of one of the most anticipated events of the school year – The House Shout – is now live! The House Shout is an exciting signing contest held bi-annually. For each edition there is a new theme, and for 2022 this was ‘location.’ Houses had to select a song to perform with reference to a […]

Because It’s There

Connecting with friends. Conquering your fears. Climbing that mountain. Whether you just want to sleep under the stars one more time or long for the road less travelled, it is hard to leave Aiglon without an appetite for adventure. Some people celebrate their birthday with a meal, a party or even a holiday. Not if […]

Global Trends in University Advising

Global Trends in University Advising The landscape of university admissions is ever-changing, as always. However, over the past two years, we’ve seen more changes than most of us can keep up with due to the many effects of the global pandemic. Here at Aiglon, the most noticeable trends since Covid-19 appeared in our lives have […]

Le Régent and Le Rosey – Intense Collaboration

The relationship between Le Rosey and Le Régent has continued to develop since 2019 and is set to become even stronger over the coming years; both schools, in their publications and communications, will now speak of the other as a “sister school” – independent, but both members of a sort of “Comonwealth”. With a focus […]

The Summer Experience

Let’s revisit some important advice for staying busy in the summer. Alongside Aiglon’s belief in developing a balanced mind, body and spirit, universities are in search of academically qualified and personally balanced applicants. In order to develop an impressive non-academic side to an application, a student must therefore use their spare time effectively. What to […]

When am I going to use Maths in my life? 

A constant question that Maths teachers get asked throughout their career is how the Mathematics that we learn in school is useful in life. I would love to say that knowing your trigonometric ratios and how to factorise an expression is something that you will use in everyday life, but if truth be told, I […]

Institut Montana shows portraits of international activists

In cooperation with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, the Institut Montana is committed to human rights education. Currently on display at Zugerberg is the photo exhibition “Speak Truth To Power,” which portrays human rights activists from around the world. 32 black-and-white portraits of human rights activists have adorned the school corridors and the refectory of […]

Aiglon Hosts MUN Conference

At the end of January, Aiglon welcomed around 100 delegates to our campus from other Swiss international schools for our second Model United Nations Conference on the theme ‘An Equal World’. Model United Nations provides students with the opportunity to formally discuss current issues of global significance from an assigned nation’s point of view, presented […]

Beau Soleil presents Guys and Dolls musical

This year Beau Soleil presents Guys and Dolls musical, a classic from the 1990s. More than 70 students and staff are involved in the production, for which they have been working very hard for months. “There is nothing like the thrill of live theatre as a performer, it is the best feeling ever!” – Hernan, […]