How Boarding School Can Boost Your Child’s Professional Development

For children, schooling is one of the most critical phases of their lives. Alongside family life, their interactions in school with peers can shape their lives in more ways than one. Given this influence, many parents are always looking for the best schools to support their child’s development—with more parents turning to boarding schools in Switzerland. Unlike […]

Brillantmont building hope for a better future in Braga, Portugal

May 3, 2023 After a four-year hiatus, this April we were very thankful to be able to once again participate on a building project. This year’s build was in Braga, Portugal, where we worked with the Fuller Project to help renovate an old carpenter’s workshop into a set of six apartments for refugee families in […]

Scaling peaks in search of sustainable solutions 

Right after Earth Day, from April 24-25th 2023, Aiglon held its very first Aiglon Sustainability Days – featuring a student-led sustainability conference organised in partnership with Beyond COP 21 Symposium.  COP 21, also known as the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, was especially instrumental as it instigated a global agreement on minimising climate change – the Paris Agreement – […]

Mocktails, Markets and Dance Moves

Mocktails, Markets and Dance Moves: LAS Language Students Immerse Themselves in Different Cultures! At LAS, we love celebrating different cultures, traditions, and languages. With over 50 nationalities represented in our community, we believe it’s vital for students and staff to learn about the many cultures they’re surrounded by. We always love finding different ways to […]

5 Reasons to send your child to the Montana Summer Sessions

Number One: A personal and personalised experience According to our students, at our summer sessions (almost)everything is possible for anyone! What we believe makes Montana Summer Sessions special is that we stay small (maximum 50 students) so that we get to know every participant well, understand how to inspire their learning, and help each one […]

LAS Students Hit the Road on their Cultural Trips!

Since experiential learning is such an important part of our curriculum at LAS, we’ve decided there isn’t really a better way to learn about the world around us than by visiting it! At LAS, cultural trips provide a wonderful and unique opportunity to experience some of the history, traditions, and cultural customs of different countries […]

Aiglon College’s Belvedere Opening – opens up beautiful new perspectives

Belvedere literally means ‘beautiful view’, and what a beautiful view we now have on and from our brand new Belvedere boarding house. After 20 months of construction work, having broken ground in April 2021, we are elated to have finally officially opened our Belvedere building on Friday 17 February 2023. Situated where the old junior […]

Champittet students achieve a 100% pass rate in the Swiss Maturity 2023

We are pleased to announce that all 25 candidates for the 2023 Swiss Maturité have obtained their demanding diploma: 100% success for an inclusive school is a magnificent achievement to be celebrated. The scores obtained by the Champitéens are once again well above the average score for the session (private schools in French-speaking Switzerland). A Champitean […]

A Day in the Life of a TASIS IB Student

A Day in the Life of a TASIS IB Student BY TIARA AZIMOVA ’24 The clock strikes 8:00 and my first class begins. IB History Higher Level (HL) awakens you on a Monday morning. My fellow IB students around me all listen to Mr. Shelley thoroughly revising our course plans for the next two years. […]

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