Aiglon College’s Belvedere Opening – opens up beautiful new perspectives

Belvedere literally means ‘beautiful view’, and what a beautiful view we now have on and from our brand new Belvedere boarding house.

After 20 months of construction work, having broken ground in April 2021, we are elated to have finally officially opened our Belvedere building on Friday 17 February 2023.

Situated where the old junior house La Dacha once stood, Belvedere was designed by Swiss architects Delacombaz and Ganz in a double chalet style reminiscent of their previous house created for Aigon, Exeter.

Both in keeping the campus and students in mind, our “designs prioritise the unique needs of an Aiglon student” expresses School Director, Nicola Sparrow. The new Belvedere boarding house can accommodate 50+ boys.

In fact, the dining room can fit all Belvedere students at once. Each room has a conjoining bathroom. Student skiing and expedition equipment can easily be stored onsite, too. Outside, there is even a 5-aside artificial football pitch.

Sustainability has also been a vital consideration in the conception of the project. The Belvedere’s design maximises the inclusion of natural light. The house features pellet heating, which minimises ash as well as being a renewable energy source, and is set up to supply heating to nearby buildings.

Optimising boarding accommodation is indeed a key element of our Aiglon Campus Masterplan, and the not-for-profit status of the school means that any profit is reinvested in the school and especially facility developments.

The Aiglon campus currently comprises 23 buildings, so as Nicola has aptly described it mimics a “village within a village”. The aim is for boarding houses to mostly be on the outer perimeter of the campus while learning facilities can be concentrated at the heart. 

This new opening leaves the previous Belvedere building, the ex-Hotel Belvedere originally purchased in 1961, open to renovation and redesign. Part of the building is intended to eventually welcome new classrooms.

Lastly, each house has its own enduring spirit, formed from a blend of the atmosphere of the house, the personality of the house parents and assistants, and their own histories. Belvedere’s house spirit will no doubt be enriched by this new space. 

We hope Belvedere students feel at home in their fresh home-away-from-home; that they create great memories here and that these will then live on in the minds and spirits of our future alumni, who maintain an allegiance to their house even long after they leave. 

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