Learning Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Travel Opportunities at LAS

As the semester comes to a close at Leysin American School, students are reflecting on the amazing opportunities they have had to explore Europe and look forward to the upcoming adventures and ski opportunities next semester! Here at LAS, we believe that travel broadens the mind, and we love seeing our students explore different countries and cultures and continue their goal of becoming citizens of the world!

Throughout this semester, students have had the opportunity to explore places like Paris, Florence, and Milan and have also practiced their skiing and snowboarding skills at the renowned Saas-Fee ski resort. Nestled amidst the stunning Alpine scenery, Saas-Fee provided an ideal setting for early-season skiing, supported by additional outings to nearby Glacier 3000. This weekend, a group of students head to Zermatt to ski in the shadow of the famous Matterhorn peak, an impressive and world-famous ski resort in Switzerland! It’s a perfect opportunity for students to practice their skills while experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps. We can’t wait for the Leysin slopes to open this weekend!

From iconic landmarks to delicious cuisine, LAS weekend city breaks offer students a chance to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom! The travel program at LAS encourages a global perspective, fostering cultural understanding and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We are really excited to announce that next semester, there will be 18 optional weekend trips offered, four optional spring break trips, and a wide variety of cultural trips that all LAS students will enjoy! From exploring the ancient ruins of Athens and walking the Camino de Santiago to witnessing the incredible geysers in Iceland and kayaking in Croatia, there are endless opportunities for LAS students to learn about the world while having fun!

We love that our students have the opportunity to travel not only within Switzerland but across Europe! During their time at LAS, students not only learn in the classroom but become intrepid travelers, ski enthusiasts, and citizens of the world. Travel opportunities at LAS forge new friendships, teach valuable lessons, and create unforgettable memories for our students. Bring on the second semester! 

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