Pitching for a Greener Tomorrow

Entrepreneurship Students Showcase Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Jan 19 2024

At LAS, we are committed to supporting the next generation of problem solvers through educational and experiential opportunities that address global challenges through entrepreneurial thinking, creativity, and innovation. This is achieved through our wide range of courses that challenge our students and develop them into innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.  Our Intro to Entrepreneurship course stands out as a prime example of our innovative approach to preparing our students for business. This course immerses students in experiential learning, where they actively engage with real-world business scenarios, and through our Visiting Scholar Program, bringing industry professionals into the classroom. This interaction, coupled with a variety of hands-on tasks, empowers our students to discover the passions that drive them, foster creative thinking, and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

This week marked a significant milestone for our Entrepreneurship classes as they showcased sustainable, eco-friendly business concepts to their fellow students. This project, a culmination of extensive weeks spent in ideation and market analysis, was designed to heighten student awareness around environmental issues while simultaneously focusing on the practical aspects of business feasibility. This approach not only nurtures their entrepreneurial skills but also instills a deep sense of environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

The guidelines for these presentations were straightforward yet impactful: create captivating presentations with clear, informative graphics and well-founded data from credible sources. Students were prompted to think critically about their project’s financial aspects, including funding sources and revenue generation, while also addressing innovation and environmental impact. Our students rose to the occasion with some remarkable ideas!  They envisioned solutions like expanding access to electric vehicle charging networks in emerging markets, replacing plastics with innovative recycled paper products, and apps that creatively encouraged fashion donations to reduce landfill waste from fast fashion. This week’s presentations enhanced our students’ entrepreneurial abilities, emphasizing skills such as body language, vocal strength, clear information delivery, and pitch readiness. These competencies are invaluable for their future roles as team leaders and innovators.

A select group of outstanding entrepreneurs from this class will earn the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Goldfinger Design in London. This annual journey provides a unique learning experience, allowing students to engage directly with top-tier design and business professionals. At Goldfinger, they will gain insights into sustainable materials, the design and creation of high-end furniture, and creating successful marketing and communication partnerships. Additionally, they will explore how Goldfinger attracts high-profile clients to maintain its commitment to a triple bottom line: Profits, People, and Planet. Last year’s trip was such a brilliant experience for the students, they came back raving about it.  The anticipation for this year’s trip is high!

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