The House Shout 2022

The recording of one of the most anticipated events of the school year – The House Shout – is now live!
The House Shout is an exciting signing contest held bi-annually. For each edition there is a new theme, and for 2022 this was ‘location.’ Houses had to select a song to perform with reference to a place in its title.

Houses submit their song selection then take the lead in rehearsals, bringing everyone together trying to find the perfect harmony accompanied by energetic choreography (all while managing varying levels of musical experience!). Dressed in No. 1’s, houses then take to the stage in the hopes of delivering a performance to entertain and delight not only the audience, but, most importantly, the judge!

Restrictions meant we couldn’t hold this live in The Hall, accompanied by our house band and with the full school in attendance as usual, but true house spirit always prevails and we were able to have each performance pre-recorded. While houses watched on from their common rooms, student representatives introduced each recording during the ceremony which was live-streamed from the JCB’s Oudang Room.

Guest judge Mr. Nigel Gaston, former Aiglon Houseparent and Head of Music, was glowing in his praise of the energy of all houses but, there could only be one winner:

Congratulations to The House Shout 2022 winners Exeter for their rendition of Shakira’s Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)!

Performances and timings are as follows:

Alpina (04m15) – Pompeii, Bastille

Belvedere (08m25) – Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Clairmont (11m50) – Waterloo, ABBA

Delaware (15m00) – New York New York, Frank Sinatra

Exeter (18m40) – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), Shakira WINNING PERFORMANCE!!

Le Cerf (22m35) – American Boy, Estelle (Feat. Kanye West)

Le Trient (28m08) – Englishman In New York, Sting

St. Louis (32m40) – Budapest, George Ezra

Junior Schoo(36m25) – High Hopes, Panic At The Disco

Special mention also goes to Alpina and Le Trient as joint runners up.

The Aiglon Music Department calendar never ceases to provide great opportunities for student performances, and we look forward to bringing you news of the upcoming Aiglon Rocks concert to be held soon.

In the meantime, bring on The 2024 House Shout!

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