What is Virtual Reality? – Camps at Collège du Léman

You may know that Virtual Reality (VR) is a new way of visualising digital worlds but it’s also a fun way to create them! At CDL Camps we have led the trend for VR learning with previous camps focusing on VR Gaming. In today’s world digital is at the forefront of education, and it would not be amiss to say that VR is the next step in the digital evolution. Read more to see how CDL Camp students are learning technologies of the future – and forming lasting memories with new friends. 


This summer we are showing children how to bring their imaginations to life with VR software from Google CoSpaces. This simple game engine allows students of all levels to create landscapes, avatars, and gameplay that they can visualize and navigate with a VR headset. 

As part of our VR Creators Lab, students will recreate the immensely popular sleuthing game, Among Us. With the aid of their VR headsets, the Crewmates will have to navigate the virtual space to catch the imposter – just like the real game!


Students will learn the basics of 3D design as they recreate the main spaceship, designing tunnels and cabins where the Imposter can hide, then inviting friends into CoSpaces to find him. During break times students will experience the latest in high-resolution VR games with the Oculus headset, wielding virtual lightsabers and piloting spaceships. Our budding VR designers will finish the camp with a new appreciation for digital creation and receive a VR Creator certificate from TechLabs.

All this technology is rapidly changing how we learn and educate. Immersive classrooms may very well be a part of the not-so-distant future, so why not explore the creative power of VR today with our VR Creators Lab?


Discover more about our VR Creators Lab here!




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