Innovative Approach to Physical Education

POP – Physical Outdoors Programme Imagine going for indoor surfing, stand-up paddling or even mountain hiking during your PE lesson at school. These exciting activities are no longer only weekend plans , they are now a part of the weekly academic schedule with the new POP Programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg.   11 January 2021 […]

Education during Covid-19 and beyond

Hybrid Schooling: at Institut Montana you do not miss a single day of school Since the first days of Institut Montana, the school has been striving to use the best modern technology and the most progressive teaching methods. That is why during the challenging times of COVID-19, the school management invested a lot of resources […]

Hybrid Schooling at Institut Montana Zugerberg

E-school We love to innovate In our increasingly globalised and digitalised world, both educational institutions and teachers are challenged by the fact that the world’s knowledge is freely and easily accessible on the world-wide web regardless of time and space constraints. Institut Montana, as a Swiss-international boarding and day school, strongly believes that learning best […]