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Our Head of our Charity Committee, Anneke has beautifully wrapped up all the incredible charity projects from last year.

Student Council Charity Committee

The Student Council Charity Committee oversees and supports all charities active on campus. It is the Head of the Charity’s job to approve all charities, ensure all funds raised reach the beneficiaries and organize fund raising activities. Anneke Jaeger (SG6) took over this role from Sara Susli (Class of 2023) in the past March and has since then majorly contributed to the school’s efforts concerning charity. Her main objective this past semester was raising awareness on all charities active on campus and organizing this year’s summer choir concert in collaboration with RETT Cure Research Institute, which was a huge success. In the upcoming year, she will be handing over the position to another student, which the student body will vote for in May 2024.

Over the course of the past school year, Institute Montana Zugerberg has done its very best to support charities of all different kinds. Within this article, our efforts will be summarized.

by Anneke Jaeger, Head of Charity and Swiss Gymnasium Grade 6 student

Choir Charity: Institut RETT

„I will fight until my Chloe is cured. I will fight until my last breath.” – Julia Ramlogan, Founder of Institute RETT and mother of patient

Every year, the student choir performs one last concert to celebrate the past school year and the coming summer holidays. This year however, this concert also doubled as a charity event for the choir charity, RETT Cure Research Institute. Rett is a rare neurological genetic disease, that is diagnosed within the first months of a child’s life and causes drastic regression; the child will soon not be able to walk alone, talk, even sit and stand unsupported. Three of our student’s sister suffers from this syndrome, and it is their mother, Julia Ramlogan, who then founded the Institute, in hopes of finding a cure for her daughter before it is too late. In collaboration with the Head of Music, Guido Bissig, and the Head of Charity, Anneke Jaeger, RETT Cure Research Institute organized this year’s summer choir concert to raise awareness and funds for their cause. We are happy to announce, that this project will be continued in the upcoming year.

by Anneke Jaeger, head of Charity

CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service)

One of the biggest contributors to this year’s charity efforts, were our students from the International Section. Implemented in the IB program, CAS stands for “Creativity, Activity, Service” and it challenges students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance and, most important of all, to give back to the world. As part of this year’s CAS program, our students have undertaken a series of activities, such as crocheting blankets for the poor, spending a week in Graubünden helping farmers, and raising money for the two CAS charities, Swiss Relief and Terre des Hommes.

CAS Trip

On the grade 11 CAS trip, the IB students together with the Organisation Umwelteinsatz, spent 5 days working in two separate locations to clear out an invasive species of bush. This was in support of farmers who needed safe and clear areas for their cows to graze as well as protecting biodiversity and using the debris to encourage habitats for weasels.

by Saskia Hicks, International School 12th-grade student

Swiss Relief

„There are three words that best sum up my experience working for Swiss Relief; adventurous, collaborative and a family.”- Alex Cigich, IMZ Swiss Relief Team, International School 12th grade

Swiss Relief is a nonprofit organization founded by two former IMZ students. This charity provides humanitarian aid in many different countries, such as Uganda, Ecuador, and Italy.

For example, we help and support the Fragman library in Uganda, which provides 300 children safe access to studying. Furthermore, our project in Quito, Ecuador provides 4,300 monthly meals, and our project in Turin, Italy, provides 250 meals monthly. This year’s Swiss Relief’s IMZ team consists of Alex, Agan, Bulut, Eren, Fabio, Julius, Karl, and Lisa, all students who have recently completed 11th grade. Every Wednesday, we do bake sales where we sell cookies, Capri suns, and many other treats to raise money for all projects supported by Swiss Relief.

By Alex Cigich, IMZ Swiss Relief Team, International School 12th grade student

Terre des Hommes

“In total, the students representing TDH in Montana raised 1’900 CHF, which was donated to Dadaab refugee camp through TDH.” – Natalia Lampart, IMZ Terre des Hommes Team, International School 12th grade

TDH is a Swiss NGO which focuses on children’s aid in almost 35 countries. This school year, multiple IB students contributed with their CAS experiences to fulfill their service requirements and raise money for this charity, through organizing bake sales and boarding activities. Sophia, Amelia, Natalia, Nick, Nikki, Elif, Gabriella and Xinwei provided baked goods every other week at cocoa break to raise money and awareness for the charity. These efforts amounted to large donations this school year. Additionally, each member dedicates their time to the TDH Christmas Market stands to help other volunteers sell hot drinks and merchandise. Through engaging in planning and organising of karaoke nights and football match viewings, Lara, Emma and Youran also contributed significantly to this year’s donations.

By Natalia Lampart, IMZ Terre des Hommes Team, International School 12th grade student

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