Making the Most of Your First Month at LAS

This week at LAS many of our new and returning students are arriving back on campus, ready for the new school year! We are really excited to welcome our community back to the Magic Mountain and greet their families. We hope that everyone had a fantastic summer and is feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on this semester! Returning to school can feel exciting but also nerve-wracking, especially if you are new to the community. So, here are some tips to help you feel settled and make the most of your transition to life in our Alpine family! 

1. Join activities

Activities are an enjoyable way to meet new people and try new hobbies. All students participate in clubs and activities at LAS, and it’s important that students try out a few and choose the right ones for them. We recommend that students participate in at least one active and one creative or service club each semester. Our active clubs include sports teams like volleyball and badminton as well as hiking, yoga, and horseback riding. Creative and Service clubs include knitting, Model UN, theatre production, and community service, to name a few. 

All these clubs provide students with essential skills such as teamwork and allow them to meet students they might not have classes with. Building a network through shared interests can create lifelong friendships and make students feel more connected to the community. In addition, taking the time to relax or learn a new skill can be a great way to unwind from school and encourages students to be balanced and develop a variety of interests and skills.

2. Get to know your roommate

Here at LAS, all students have roommates from a different country or culture to their own. With this structure, we hope to dismantle cultural barriers and develop students that are citizens of the world. Cultural sharing is a core value at LAS, as we love learning about different countries and sharing languages and traditions with one another. Getting to know your roommate and setting boundaries with clear communication will allow you to be more comfortable in the dorms and settle nicely into LAS life! 

3. Challenge yourself to meet new people

Talking to as many people as possible and making connections with people from a variety of cultures will give you the best chance of settling well into your new community. Therefore, we challenge you to talk to at least three new people every day—that should be easy during orientation week! You’ll be spending so much time here, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable around lots of members of the community, whether that’s students, faculty, or staff. 

4. Familiarize yourself with your timetable and classes

With classes starting next week, it’s crucial that you feel confident and comfortable with your new timetable! This can also develop your time management skills and help you get to know our campus better. Knowing which classrooms you need to be in at what times can help you feel less nervous and stressed about starting classes next week, so make sure you’re on top of that. If you’re unsure or anxious, you can always ask returning students, student leaders, your dorm head, or any faculty member for help! 

5. Get to know the LAS campus and Leysin!

Aside from locating your classrooms, getting to know the LAS campus and Leysin village can help you feel more at home in your new community. Exploring new areas is a great way to feel more at home and make the most of your time here. If you’re unsure where things are, ask your fellow students or staff members for advice—our returning students can help you find your groove in no time!

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