The hub of intelligence and culture: Le Rosey’s new Centre of Science and Entrepreneurship

An inspiring hub of intelligence will be built opposite the Arts and Culture Centre which has proudly stood at​ the core of Rosey life since 2014. Together with Bernard Tschumi, the support of all teaching departments and several experts from Grandes Ecoles and Universities, the school is preparing to provide one of the most futuristic, advanced and effective educational tools dedicated to teaching, science and entrepreneurship. Construction of the 18,000m2 building is planned to start in autumn 2021. This Learning Centre for Science and Entrepreneurship responds to the need to reinvent school work spaces. French philosopher Michael Serres put it this way: “we need new spaces which encourage free movement, where barriers can be broken, and ideas can be exchanged. Knowledge can no longer be shared and acquired in the old rigid and regimented campuses and disciplines of the past.”​


​The new classrooms in the CSE will be fluid, adaptable spaces, available for conferences, debates, personal or small group research and encouraging cross-curricular exchange by grouping departments into “neighbourhoods”. Roseans will be the main CSE hosts, fully involved in meeting young entrepreneurs and their startups, ready to share their vision and experience. They will be able to explore the science museum, run projects in the Fablab and present them in the pitch room. This is the embodiment of Le Rosey’s educational vision: on the one hand, to encourage all forms of artistic expression, to sharpen the sense of observation and plunge Roseans into an exceptional cultural bath; on the other, to give them the tools to improve learning, experiment freely, get involved, question, explore self-expression and develop entrepreneurship!​

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