Culture Counts: a celebration of diversity at Le Rosey

One of the cornerstones of Le Rosey is its internationalism; almost 800 Roseans, teachers and collaborative staff currently represent 64 countries and 31 mother tongues. But in addition to linguistic and cultural diversity, maintained by a strict nationality quota, this year launched an initiative known as “Culture Counts“, an exploration of what diversity really can mean to the Rosey community.​


​Each individual joins Le Rosey with their own story and contribution to the enrichment and growth of their peers. The sheer variety of activities, clubs and societies seeks to offer all Roseans a vast outlet to discover and develop their own talents; “difference” is often cited at Le Rosey as the element that we all have in common. Yet there is always room for more. This new initiative, led collaboratively by teachers and students, seeks to delve into the multiple meanings of diversity. Open discussions, a dedicated assembly, the establishment of a student-led Gender and Sexuality Association and interviews with the school community are just the start of looking deeper into some of the core values of being Rosean. These values are never intended to solely benefit the individual, but rather are established in harmony with their impact on the wider community: friendship with solidarity and self-respect with respect for others. Le Rosey will begin its 142nd school year in September and the words of “Culture Counts” set the tone for an inspiring year of diversity representation, expression, recognition and above all, celebration.​

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