After school activities: an integral part of the Beau Soleil education

At Beau Soleil we are very proud of our afternoon activities programme because it delivers one of our goals as a school which is giving every student a truly holistic education.

Activities outside of the traditional classroom setting, are often referred to as “extra-curricular”. At Beau Soleil there is nothing “extra” about our afternoon activities programme. Our afternoon activities programme is part of the students’ education while at Beau Soleil. It is referred to as co-curricular activities. Activities which enhance a student’s education and allows them to grow further as a person. 

Whether in the classroom during the day, on the mountain bike in the afternoon, the museum on the weekend or in the common room in the boarding house, we value it all equally as we are committed to a holistic education for our students. None of the aforementioned areas has any more or any less importance than the other.

Our activities programme is designed to give students an opportunity to take on and learn a new skill, follow a passion and take risks. On average we have over 90 activities to choose from each week. Our students are expected to select activities each term from three key themes of Creativity, Action and Service. We use this model to ensure students receive a well round and balanced education. 

We do not expect or assume, that every student will become an expert in every activity they undertake. What we do expect, is that students take on something new, work hard at it, broaden their horizons and learn from “doing”. Students are actively encouraged to take an activity which takes them outside their comfort zone. For some, that might be being part of the school musical, for others that might be learning a new language, improving their swimming technique, learning how to cook; some might choose to work with our Round Square and M.U.N. group or focus on giving back to others by charity groups.

At the end of each term students receive a report, like any other traditional academic subject, on their afternoon activities and their achievements in these groups during that term. This is an important process so students can then reflect on their learning over the term and recognise their achievements and growth.

So why not learn ballet, fencing, taekwondo and work with a womens shelter each week? And then in term 2 and term 3 take on another group of activities?

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