How Boarding School Can Boost Your Child’s Professional Development

For children, schooling is one of the most critical phases of their lives. Alongside family life, their interactions in school with peers can shape their lives in more ways than one. Given this influence, many parents are always looking for the best schools to support their child’s development—with more parents turning to boarding schools in Switzerland.

Unlike day schools, boarding schools provide students with the unique experience of living away from home, even at a younger age. Although boarding schools seem only accessible to the rich, these schools have since transitioned to accommodate families of various socio-economic statuses. With the 24/7 nature of boarding schools, children get to experience learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom, helping them develop skills transferable into adulthood—and that they can bring into their future workplace.

Below, we visit how boarding school can boost your child’s professional development.

Foster independence and self-confidence

One of the major reasons why parents send their children to boarding school is to foster independence. In day school, children can rely on their parents to complete chores and other tasks. On the other hand, being far from home teaches children to rely on themselves and care for their needs and possessions, allowing them to better understand the need for prioritisation. Since they are still learning, teachers can guide children when needed but leave students to make decisions for themselves.

By bringing a child to a boarding school, you can thus set them up for self-sufficiency. Children learn to not only become responsible but also boost their self-confidence. They can improve their drive and motivation, values that can help them take on challenges into adolescence and adulthood. This self-sufficiency will serve them well in the workplace: seeing that they need little to no supervision, your child’s future employers will better consider them for career advancement opportunities.

Access to innovative development programs

As students stay on campus grounds, boarding schools have more opportunities to offer development programs in varying areas to help with professional and personal growth. Given today’s digital landscape, it’s no wonder more educational institutions are adapting technology-based methods to enhance learning. Today, tools like virtual reality training and digital courses now push students toward continuous education and training that readies them for a rapidly-digitalising business world.

Boarding schools also go beyond their locality and enable students to experience the world outside. As featured in our previous post, boarding school students can take specific grade-level trips to experience and understand practical ways of engaging with the world. Some cultural trips take students to Italy, Croatia, or Portugal, where they engage in activities like surfing and scuba diving while also helping the local environment by learning about sustainable environmental projects. These programs enhance students’ compassion, critical thinking, and agency—soft skills vital for professional development.

Exposure to diverse cultures and backgrounds

With globalisation, people of different demographics are expanding across many countries. Switzerland is no exception, with many expatriate families settling into the country and enrolling their children in Swiss schools. As visited by a study on diversity-engaged leadership, schools are one of the major hubs where people of different backgrounds interact—making them essential in developing students’ views and perspectives towards respect.

By studying in a boarding school, children have more opportunities to interact with, appreciate, and immerse themselves in diverse cultures on a near-daily basis. Not only does this exposure increase their worldview and relatability, but it can also enhance their social skills—helping them gain friends and build a professional network early on. This can benefit them later in life as they seek to establish strong business relationships offering job opportunities and chances to further boost their professional development.

While boarding school won’t necessarily be easy, the valuable life skills and lessons learned are worth the enrollment. Children learn to be independent, go through unique learning opportunities, and experience diversity, allowing them to develop for the benefit of their future lives and careers.

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Written by: Jay-Ann Blue

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